Something to Look Forward to

G63A5407It’s been quite a while since I have committed anything to writing here.  Perhaps because that old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” really rings true or maybe it’s just due to what I am dubbing my introspective period.  Either way, I now have findings and thoughts that I consider worth sharing.  Sometime back I wrote a post concerning aging and struggling with staying relevant as time marches on. I still feel every word I wrote that day as if I was writing it just now (Ageism, Fear, and Self Loathing).  Life is a journey so it goes and I truly believe that every stage of life is important.  So, about a week ago when I ran into a preview for the documentary Advanced Style on Facebook I was, naturally, hooked.  I was so excited about it that two days later I watched the full length Advanced Style documentary on Netflix and started following Ari Seth Cohen’s blog of the same name.  The subject: seniors with killer personal style… and as a bi-product incredibly inspiring personalities.  Compound that with the amazing wealth of life experience and the result is powerful and positive.  My life has a lot to do with fashion and art, and my journey is about finding truth in that.  I share some of it here with you, but it is constantly on my mind.  It can be a lonely road filled with self doubt and constant questioning.  Role models like these ladies with the help of Ari act as compasses for me. They are sages of style as opposed to slaves to fashion . They have a firm grasp of what and why this whole industry is really about for us designers and lovers of style. They also remind me of how lucky I have been to have a mother who still has a great sense of personal style and a Yiayia that loved to have fun with fashion. My mom and Yiayia played with colours,textures, and silhouettes and taught me from a young age that personal expression is the goal, not trend chasing. The ladies of Advanced Style couldn’t agree more.  They are deeply comfortable and happy with themselves and their stages in life in a way that shows through their wardrobes.  They remind me that being me and trusting myself is key and life is beautiful. Though style is the focus for these brilliant women, feeling good and loving life is at the core of their success as human beings.  I can’t wait to enjoy everyday of the journey and to become my own version of them someday: elderly , elegant, and exuberant.


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