2.-AGEISMI post often about personal style. Naturally, I write about mostly my own which is currently relevant to a twenty-nine year old living in dowtown Los Angeles. But what about the future?  What happens when I am a forty-five year old living in….?  Being a designer I am constantly trying to absorb the all the latest that fashion has to offer via blogs, style sites, magazines, and just good old fashioned people watching.  Images of fit 20-30 somethings on magazine covers and commercials surround us. This morning making my routine sweep of my favorite online sources I ran into a gem on The Sartorialist,  The Granny Alphabet by Tim Walker.  Amazing!!!! A book of chic and lovely elderly women set to the ABC’s.  I immediately wanted to buy the book, oh and it comes in an illustrated version as well? I will take both thank you! You may be wondering why a book full of Grannies makes me jump.  Some commonly discussed issues of our era are racism, and sexism. Just as important but widely unspoken is ageism.  Yes, prejudice against someone because of their age.  It’s true, and it is especially true when it comes to women.  At times women are treated like milk, best if used by 30… after that, partake at your own risk. What happened to respecting our elders?  It’s always an issue that has bothered me.  So after a certain age, I am irrelevant as a human being? Or worse, I am no longer considered fashionable because I am old???? I refuse… and that is why I love the Granny Alphabet book, it gives me something to look  forward to.  I am not going to lie and say that once or twice in my mind I have given in and though that eventually my blog would come to an end because who wants to see and outfit post on me when I am sixty? I know, crazy talk. Why on earth would I work so hard all my life to get to the point that I can afford all the amazing designer things that I love and NOT post about it?  People are afraid of aging because they don’t want to become irrelevant.  They are worried about their wrinkles and grey hair.  Instead of embracing the change and loving it, some turn to plastic surgery, but most end up hating themselves.  As we age we should feel more at peace with ourselves and the world. We should love ourselves more and loath ourselves no more. Changing the way that we feel about aging is an important part of our future happiness.  Lucky for us there are at least 26 women that fly in the face of ageism acting as beacons of hope. So here’s to Enid and all those like her who inspire us!!! You keep at it, you sassy boudoir queen in satin!!!1.-AGEISM3.-AGEISM 4.-AGEISM 5.-AGEISM 6.-AGEISM 7.-AGEISM

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